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Yokota Industrial Co., Ltd. has been a pneumatic tool manufacturer having a slogan of "Technology and Reliability" since establishment in 1919. We are making every effort day and night to offer the products friendly to human and environment acquiring ISO9001 in February, 1999, always standing in customer's standpoint, and making a good use of abundant experiences and highly developed technologies.

Our main reputable products are highly accurate tightening tools. Above all, our "System Wrenches" are appreciated so as to almost become the pronoun as the highly precise tightening tools in the automotive manufacturing industry. Other than that, our products are highly reputed in every processing and assembly plant such as the shipbuilding industry, housing, electric and machinery, the railway cars, and construction machineries and so on.

Moreover, we offer reliable technical support through our 6 branches in Japan, and 4 affiliated companies in Europe, as well as worldwide distributors with service centre in 36 nations.

We will continue to offer the better quality products with might and main, keeping in mind our company's creed "Customers' satisfaction with quality first".

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Yokota Industrial Co., Ltd. has acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. ISO14001 has been registered for our head office.

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