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Company's Overview

Company's Overview

Location of head office 5-55, NISHIIWATA 3-CHOME, HIGASHIOSAKA CITY, OSAKA
Inauguration of business May, 1919
Establishment January, 1974
Capital 80 million yen
President Takahisa Yokota
No. of Employee 155 (Male 124, Female 31)
Business contents Manufacturing and distribution of pneumatic tools

Main Customers

ISO Certified

ISO Certified
ISO Certified No. Approved Date
ISO9001 JQA_3103 February, 1999
ISO14001 JQA_EM2226 March, 2002
ISO9001: 2000 Revision JQA_3103 March, 2003

Quality Policy

Our basic attitude of the quality assurance all through the ages, is to be our belief of "quality first and harmonization between society and environment", and as our ultimate object, continuously offer the best satisfaction and relief to the customers by the mutual cooperation and amity.

Environmental Philosophy

We at Yokota Industrial Co., Ltd. live up to the principle of handing down a clean Earth to future generations, and recognize preservation of the global environment as one of our most important objectives. Accordingly, we will continue to implement environmental preservation efforts in all aspects of our business operations.

Environmental Policy

  1. We will conduct environmental preservation activities while fully taking into consideration the environmental impact of our products in all stages of their lifecycle, including manufacturing, distribution, sales, consumption, recycling and disposal.
  2. We will abide by the Legislation, Rules and Regulations, and Social Promise which are all related with the environment.
  3. By evaluating the affection that our business service inflicts against the environment, we will identify the significant environmental aspect in accordance with the result. Meanwhile, we will set an aim and an objective to the technically and economically extent possible and make an effort for reviewing system and performance on the environment conservation, and implementing the consecutive improvement, the advancement and the prevention of contamination.
  4. We will strive to develop environmentally conscious products that help reduce harm to the environment, based on an assessment of their potential environmental impact and the safety of the products during their development/design stage.
  5. To move ahead on the global environment conservation activity, we will conduct the employee-training for the awareness-building by full staff participated, and implement the collaboration and the association with outside affiliate as far as possible.
  6. This policy will be publicly announced outside the company.

August 2005. Yokota Industrial Co., Ltd.


May, 1919 Yokota Ironworks was established, and began to manufacture and sell the pneumatic tool in Minato ward Osaka City.
March, 1930 The organization is reorganized into the unlimited partnership.
July, 1943 The organization is reorganized into the company limited, and the headquarters and the factory are moved to Takaida Higashi-Osaka City.
April, 1944 Yokota became a factory designated by the Ministry of Air Force and Navy.
January, 1962 Headquarters and factory were newly built to where Yokota locates now.
April, 1965 Yokota Europe BV was established in Amsterdam.
July, 1968 Kawachi factory was established in Mizuhai Higashi-Osaka City to develop and manufacture multi-spindle nuttrunners.
April, 1972 Kawachi factory became an individual company as Giken Industrial Co., Ltd.
January, 1974 Sales department was separated and Yokota Sales Co., Ltd. was established.
June, 1982 The name is changed to YOKOTA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. as the manufacturing and sales company.
October, 1992 The capital was increased to 80,000,000 yen.
February, 1999 ISO9001 Certified.
March, 2002 ISO14001 Certified.
March, 2003 ISO9001: 2000 Revision.

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Yokota Industrial Co., Ltd. has acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. ISO14001 has been registered for our head office.

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