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Torque Testers

Monitoring Type Dynamic Torque Testers

Monitoring Type Dynamic Torque Tester

Our YTT series testers are useful to check dynamic fastening torque. It consists of YETC-200, fastening torque controller for System Wrenches and dynamic toque transducer, which can monitor the torque produced by impulse tools, ratchet wrenches, hand torque wrenches, etc. during their actual fastening work.

See details on the e-brochure.

Digital Torque Testers

Digital Torque Tester

YET testers are designed for high precision torque control of mainly impulse type tightening tools. Also usable for impact wrenches, screw drivers, ratchet wrenches etc. Install it in a tool maintenance shop, test laboratory, or at production lines for effective control of fastening such as acceptance inspection, periodical check and torque adjustment.

  • Large torque display
  • Measuring time setting function (0.1-9.9sec) allows torque measurement with measuring time setting in the unit of 0.1 sec
  • Measurement for both right and left directions is possible
  • High precision within R.O. ±0.5%
  • Display panel with protection cover
  • Easy operation with microcomputer system
  • Built-in auto pulse counter (Number of hit pulses)
  • Measurement range of product series : 5-500Nm

See details on the e-brochure.

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