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System Wrenches (Transducerized Torque Control Pulse Tools)

Battery system wrench YS-e wrench

Lighter, quieter and smarter

YS-e WU-1

High tightening functions like torque control, angle monitoring etc., inherited from Yokota air operated system wrenches, are realized even by battery operated ones..

  • Working efficiency improvement by wireless technology
  • Simplification of installation and relocation
  • Clean & Silent
  • Low vibration and Low reaction force

Workability Improvement by such design as compact, light-weight and more quiet

No need of power cord (air hose or power supply cord) and signal cable owing to the battery operation and wireless communication.

Simplification of installation and relocation owing to the saving of wiring harness

YS-e (tool)

  • Strain gauge and direct current detection system make the tool compact and weight saving
  • Low vibration, low noise and low reaction force due to the direct drive
  • Built-in controller and driver functions
  • Built-in buzzer/LED inform an operator of tightening result and abnormal tightening
  • Battery with remaining capacity display adopted.
  • Tool Protector with different color by model
  • Applicable capacity : Line-up to M5-M10 (5-50Nm)

WU-1 (wireless unit)

  • Possible to connect 4 tools with 1 wireless unit.
  • Setting value can be input from PC-1 or PC
  • Saving / writing of setting value, retrieval of tightening result are possible by a USB drive.
  • 10,000 tightening data accumulation
  • Tightening result is displayed either in DS-1 or PC-1.
  • Optional setting of DS-1 display unit or PC-1 programing console for free configuration.

 DS-1: Maximum 4 units can be connected  PC-1: 1 unit connection

See details on the e-brochure.

e-M Electric System Wrenches

e-M Electric System Wrenches:Energy Conserving Machinery Award : The Japan Machinery Federation's President Award. 35th The Japan Machinery Federation

Electric System Wrenches (e-M wrench series) are torque controlled tightening tools with commercial electric power source AC100V-AC240V.

  • Torque controlled tightening system with highly accurate torque output.
  • Upper and Lower limits torque assurance for the critical joints.
  • Auto stop
  • Bolt number management
  • Built-in electronic buzzer or LED
  • Data management of torque value
  • Lineup covering bolt capacity range:M6-M8 (Torque adjustable range 7-40Nm)
  • Pistol type

See details on the e-brochure.

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